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Thirst for all occasions!

Thirst for all occasions!

Hey Guys! Let's talk about how we look for opportunities to drink! 

On any occasion, every event to begin with, be it a birthday party, wedding, date, weekends or brunch, it is always a good time to have a drink or two. Numerous individuals are used to drinking just beer or wine, but there are several other incredible alcoholic beverages that you simply should try from time to time. However, with so many drinks to choose from, how can you know which one is the best for a particular occasion? Here is a detailed look at the leading alcoholic refreshments for distinctive events.


When it comes to choosing the best wine for any occasion, there are really no hard and fast rules, as everyone prefers certain drinks depending on their tastes and personal preferences. White wines, which are lighter and drier than red wines, are the perfect starter for any evening event. Wine is the perfect drink for dinner parties and restaurants. And not just while you're still eating. After the meal, you keep pouring. With a full stomach and a few well-filled glasses, you'll get a sleepy buzz. No problem, you're not going anywhere anyway. Chardonnay, a favourite among many wine lovers, can also be served with rich menus, especially those with creamy sauces. Sauvignon Blanc is a good accompaniment to salads, shrimp and fish because of its fruity flavour.Red wines are good for main courses and are typically served in the last part of an event. Their full-bodied character makes them an excellent complement to hearty meals. Merlot has a good balance of body and lightness, making it perfect for most dishes. It pairs well with pork, poultry and lamb.


Nothing tastes as good as a cold glass of beer! Typically, it is one of the most commonly consumed alcoholic refreshments in the world. Whether at home, at the club or at the stadium, beer is the perfect refreshment. Beer is football and football is beer. It takes away some of the excitement, but it's also not so strong that you miss the whole game. 


Originally made as a remedy, whiskey is now a popular drink when celebrating a milestone. This is a drink you want to have at a club or at a poker night. Both perfect occasions to light up a cigar as well. Picture it: a nice glass of scotch on the rocks, life doesn't get much sweeter than that. It's a perfect ingredient for a variety of cocktail drinks. 


Just like whiskey, vodka was originally developed for medicinal purposes. While its medicinal properties are still valuable, this colourless and odourless drink is now popular for parties. It's perfect for beginners and light drinkers, as you won't get drunk as quickly. This is a drink that you don't drink for the taste. You drink vodka to get drunk. You're sure to enjoy a long night of entertainment with a few bites on the side! 


Gin is a good drink before going to a club. The only reason people still buy tonic is because it mixes so well with gin. At home or in a bar, gin and tonic is the perfect way to get in a good mood. It can also help with a hangover. Your stomach probably isn't ready for beer and tequila, but after a few gin and tonics, you'll feel like you've been reborn and ready to take on any drink in the building.



Well-mixed rum cocktails are a great way to wow friends and guests at a party! Several mixes go well with rum, and they are incredibly easy! Daiquiris and mojitos are just two of the best alcoholic drinks for parties! They are the most popular rum cocktails. These evergreen drinks show absolutely no signs of retiring!



A shot of tequila is definitely a fun party starter! There are several types of tequila that run the spectrum in terms of strength, colour, and flavour. Silver tequila is probably the most popular. It tastes sweet and is rather refreshing.  It's a perfect drink on its own, but it also works well in mixed drinks! The easiest mixers are tequila soda and tequila sprite. Others like it with ginger ale too. Aside from your favourite margaritas, you can also use tequila in a Paloma, Sunrise, or Michelada. You can make your own flavours and experiment!



When you enter the bar from the cold outside, you might want to start with a few jagers. First of all, it takes the chill right out of your bones. A great side benefit is that it won't take you as long to get used to the atmosphere in the bar as it would if you just had a few beers. This doesn't mean you shouldn't order a beer, just order both. This leads to social interaction and isn't that what going out and drinking is all about?



When it comes to celebratory toasts and drinks, nothing beats champagne! But even outside of celebrations, there are some occasions when a glass of champagne is ideal.  You can serve champagne to entertain and honour your guests at home during a dinner party. A glass of champagne is also best to enjoy during a date night.  If you are looking for a perfect drink to give your boss as a gift, champagne is also the perfect choice. 


Not a drink for men, of course, except in one scenario. Have the bartender make a strong one and take the shaker and various shot glasses. Now you're in charge, literally. Provide your friends with booze and drink from the shaker yourself. This is the manly way to drink cocktails. 


Let me give you some tips to enjoy drinking on every occasion  


To get the most out of your drinks and enjoy the event you are attending, you can to follow these tips


Create a restrictions to your alcohol consumptions

Regardless of what type of alcohol you drink, you need to know the amount you can tolerate to avoid losing control. By all means, don't embarrass yourself or your companions. Start slowly and stop when you feel the need to.


Take a break 

To stay sober longer and not overdo it on the drinking, you need to sip non-alcoholic drinks in between your favourite shots. This can help keep your blood alcohol concentration down and enjoy the occasion more.


Munch while drinking  

While drinking, eat foods that are rich in protein. Cheese and peanuts are perfect snacks during the party. They can help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the system. After mentioning the above recommendations, there are still some occasions when you prefer to serve different types of alcoholic beverages at the same time and give your guests the freedom to choose their favourite.

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